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 Fun Ranch

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PostSubject: Fun Ranch   Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:18 pm

[img][img=][img][/img]Hello mommies, a newbie here, I love parties, especially when I organize them... and of course my favorite.... my kids birthday parties.... Since our economy is down and slow, moms like me become more creative in budgeting their parties yet making it a blast, recently, I had my Aidan's 7th birthday party at the Grand Barnyard at the Big Red Barn in Fun Ranch Tiendesitas, I hope you guys visit the place, it is really where the kids rule! But! it's no place for resourceful/creative moms like me.... hehe. Eventhough everything is available in that party venue, I still wanted to create my son's centerpiece and the balloon drop, brought our own pinata (made by businesshop) our own lootbags, .... here it is, when We arrived at the venue (about 2:30 pm, with all the lootbags and prices which are 4 bags the size of jumbo basura bags, 2 big pinatas, balloons which some I already inflated, 3 sacks of hay and some props... etc etc) I asked where I could put up my stuff and create centerpieces for my 6pm party... Shocked 'the guard told us, we don't have any place to do our stuff, even more a place where we could leave the things we need for the party. The van had to fetch Aidan's cousins from Taytay and also some relatives there (about 20 of them) so the driver has to leave already (by the way we came all the way from novalichez). Before we came, I asked my friend who would also help me, to talk with the reservations officer (who I made my reservations for the venue last March 2008 and paid 15t to and 2 weeks before the party I talked with and asked if we have a place when we come in early... gullibly she said we do) but then she was soooooo busy, it's a Saturday, the place was booked, ... FULLY BOOKED... Imagine, with all the stuff we have brought, the van already left, we were literally 'ping ponged' to where we supposed to go, wallah, 1 bag was missing (the un inflated balloons I badly need. The stress, the time pressure, wahaha! I really wanted to cry, I got pissed off, then about 4:30, she suddenly thought 'oh! there is a place where you can stay and blow your balloons!'.... well it was too late, the important bag was gone... good thing I have some spare balloons, so I made the centerpiece, made of hay, and I placed stuffed animal (horse) and balloons, under time pressure, we only made 10, then I asked saleslady to come over (from greenhills bec i already need extra help) we blew my spare ballons and just tip them off on the floor with the rest of the hay, it smells like barn! ahahaha! , Sad then good for BRB, I ordered stick balloons in a rush, since we lost our balloons prepared about a month for the event..... Mad, I sought help from early visitors, and we fixed the place (because It hasn't been fixed after the previous party who ended a little late) then the food, the ceasar good for 80 pax seemed only for 10 pax... the spghetti good for 200 pax, imagine how little, then the slideshow i created (took me 3 days), their projector they didn't even mind to align to their screen, its not broken, but not aligned? 1/4 of the slideshow can be seen at the back, of course, unrecognizable... and to think this Birthday Party, 7th that is only happens once in a lifetime, oh well, any birthday party for our kids, may it be his 1st, 2nd or more, only happens once, nobody turns 7 twice, and these damn staff whatever venue they may work with, should be reminded about that.... i was sad and anxious during the affair, but still managed to smile for the guests, the camera and the video... Very Happy Very Happy fizz fuss fizz fuss, With more than 200, lots of kids Laughing guests, the party was a success all in all, my son had a great time even though he was feverish. The guests had a great time too, nobody left early, stayed after nine for more fun shots, I was content.... but then, It would have been perfect....[spoiler]
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PostSubject: Re: Fun Ranch   Thu Sep 11, 2008 10:58 am

i have a friend who is thinking of having her party at big red barn. i'll tell her about this incident. i hear a lot of people wnating to have their kiddie party here and all the while i thought good service sila.

just the same, congratulations on your successful party.
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PostSubject: Re: Fun Ranch   Fri Sep 12, 2008 7:48 am

^^ siguro dear, next time, ipalagay mo sa agreement ninyo na you are given the permission para mag-ingress nang maaga... para may black & white kang puwedeng ipakita sa guard na "oh heto, may permit ako... nasa agreement namin"... signed by the party manager... kasi sa pagkakaalam ko (please correct me if i am wrong), hindi talaga allowed mag-early ingress doon... especially during weekends kasi everybody is busy talaga...

kaya di pa kami nakakapag-full set up dun... allowed daw kasi i-dress up pero limited yung time and the space to work on... eh di ko feel mag-take ng risk pag ganun kaya hanggang balloon on sticks and centerpiece ang madalas naming naisi-service pa lang doon... kung baga more of delivery pa lang ng mga items... pero yung magdi-dress up, di pa po talaga...

sorry to say, but i never recommended the place talaga...
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PostSubject: Re: Fun Ranch   Mon Oct 20, 2008 11:39 pm

oh really? i was thinking pa naman sana to have my son's first bday party here pero now i'm having second really having a hard time looking for a venue...can you recommend any venues near qc area?
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PostSubject: Re: Fun Ranch   Tue Oct 28, 2008 1:46 pm

Hi! I have had my kids' parties c/o Big Red Barn (they catered last year) and at Blue Whale this year (same food and management as Big Red Barn) and I've never had a problem with their food. There was always so much that I has so many leftovers to bring home. They really don't allow bringing in of self-made balloons unless you pay a corkage fee, I guess it's because they have their own supplier. The only problem I had this year was that despite the fact that I told them that I needed to have the kids go to Jumpin Jack (Inflatable Playground) at 11am , they forgot and the inflatables still weren't set up by the time the party ended. Anyway, they apologized and instead I just bought ride tickets for the kids which they enjoyed immensely.
I would however caution you from having your party at ACTIVE FUN. I had my kids' party there last year and it was a nightmare. They shoved us in a small room (not the space previously agreed upon) and the space was NOT set up when we got there. There was anpother party at the same time and there was only a tarpaulin separating the 2 parties, which is definitely not what we had agreed upon. We could barely hear the host.
When I got angry and complained, the owner (a foreigner) told his staff that if I was going to be like that to just CANCEL MY PARTY. Ang kapal. Anyway when I complained to the Fun Ranch management after the party the owner wrote me a letter of apology and REIMBURSED me. But I'm sure you will agree that I could never recapture that party for my kids again!
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PostSubject: Re: Fun Ranch   Tue Oct 28, 2008 10:39 pm

I attended my cousin's son's 1st bday party and yes, it was a nightmare. It was held on the 2nd floor where the giant slides were, it was very disorganized, cramp and you would feel that given a chance, you won't recommend the place. I for one would not want to have my children's parties in the said place. Too bad we don't have enough place for kiddie events ...
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PostSubject: Re: Fun Ranch   Sat Nov 15, 2008 9:52 am

Funranch/ redbarn has limited time for party, they allow 1 hr set up for the area and if there is a party before you well goodluck sa set up, esp pag nag overtime yung first party, their party time is 10am- 1pm, 2pm- 5pm and 6pm -9pm slots...time management is really needed if you plan to have a party at redbarn and hire na rin ng partyplanner to do the set up for your party, para d kana harass sa party... DIY ( do it yourself) style party is not a good idea at redbarn set up considering the time alloted for each party you end up stressed out.
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PostSubject: Re: Fun Ranch   Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:26 pm

contact info for this venue:

Fun Ranch
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PostSubject: Re: Fun Ranch   

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Fun Ranch
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